Sunday, October 30, 2011

Wow, what a week!!! Two home ballgames, cheer practice, church, and crazy kids!  But I survived.  Now to just get though Halloween......  This week is my unit review in Reading and Language, so it is time to hammer the skills one more time before moving on.  When teaching 3rd grade, I wasn't big on unit reviews. I would just move on to the next lesson.  But I'm really liking the concept of reinforcing (or even reteaching) some of our skills. 

I'm also wanting to start a book to read aloud this week.  Any suggestions??? 

Well time to get the grading done that I didn't get to earlier this weekend! 

Good luck this week to everyone!!! lol

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Doing my best to be organized!

I've done a binder for years, but this year I've taken it to a new level.  My binder is my life line.  It goes home with me every night, sits on my desk during the day, and gets toted to every meeting I attend. 
I have dividers that have pockets in them so that I can tuck things in for reminders or for safe storage until I can punch holes in and file it.  This year I added a pencil pouch to keep post-it notes, pencils, grading pens, my ezgrader, and whatever else I'm using.
My tabs are constantly adapting to my needs. I have tabs for:
  • Calendar - I've printed off a blank calendar (I'd put the link on but I don't remember where I printed it from).  I took our county's school calendar and transfered everything to mine.  I also use it to keep track of meeting times and as a record of situations. I've also printed off the school calendar and placed it behind mine.
  • Lesson Plans - This year I've stopped using the traditional lesson plan book and I now use a Word template to do my plans. 
  • Standards- I keep all my state standards handy and close to my lesson plans.
  • Grade Book - Again, this year I've stopped using the traditional grade book.  I've printed off blank tables and keep grades here.  They eventually go into our computer grade portal.  I have smaller tabs within this section dividing my subjects and class blocks.
  • Office Notes - This is where I keep any memos that come in from the principal's or central offices.  These just keeps them easily accessible.
  • 4-H - Our 5th graders participate in the 4-H program so I have a tab to keep up with their memos, assignments, etc.
  • Schedules- This has my class schedules, our encore schedules, cafeteria schedules, and various other schedules that are needed through out the school.

Like I said this is my place to organize my most essential and daily needs. 

I also have come up with an organizational method that keeps my student papers organized.  I was so tired in the past of trying to separate papers that need to be graded.  So a couple of years ago I bought an achordian file folder and labeled each section with a subject.  This year I've upgraded to a nicer and sturdier plastic one.

Each section is labeled for a subject that I teach.  At the end of the day, I collect papers from my baskets in my room and put them into their corresponding section.  When I've graded and recorded a set of papers, I put them into the back 2 sections (according to which block they belong to).  The next morning I take the graded papers and put them into students' mailboxes for them to file into their binders.  I love this method.  I RARELY ever misplace a paper, and I can quickly find any set of papers that I'm looking for.

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Time is flying!

Wow, time is definitely flying.  I've been working on mid 6weeks progress reports and can't believe that we are already this far into the year.  I still feel like I'm just figuring out what I'm supposed to be doing.  I know that next year will be better, but I hate not feeling secure and more sure of myself.  I am loving this age group so far though.  Granted 5th grade has a completely different set of problems than 3rd graders, they have a sense of humor that tickles me. 

I had great plans for this Fall Break (all of 2 days plus a weekend), but plans have changed since my little one is sick.  We did have a great time at the the children's science museum in Chattanooga. 

We also walked along the river front at Ross's Landing.  I loved seeing her explore and try new things.  She is so growing up on me! 

She loved seeing the river boats.  We are such boat people that we get excited about that kind of stuff!
We had the best day together in a long time.  This was one of those days that I'll look back on and smile!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Well, here are finally some pics of my room the day before the 1st day of school.  I've changed a few things here and there.

This is a look from the classroom door.

This is Bailey playing on my computer.  My desk and the cabinets behind have been a little more organized.

 This is from the back corner looking toward the door.

 My cabinets.

 I love my GENRE wall.  I didn't want to spend my money on bulletin board sets that I wasn't really in love with.  I found the printout and laminated them to very colorful scrapbook paper.  I love them.  If I ever find them again, I'll completely give credit for it, but I don't remember what site they come from.

The pics are not great.  I really want to get in an take detailed pics of things that are working for me, but time has been a priceless commodity lately. 

Slowly But Surely

I was able to reorganize some things in my room yesterday afternoon.  I'm finally starting to get into a groove with this whole 5th grade thing!  With my large class sizes, my goal for organization is time-saving and efficient!  I'll post pics soon. 

Today is picture day, so my schedule should be interesting.  Being positive is the goal! :)


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Number Puddles

I'm so excited to finish my number puddles!  My mornings have been chaos and now I have to send in a lunch count.  So I had seen several blogs with magnet systems for lunch counts.  I loved the ones using the stones.  I went to Hobby Lobby and bought the large stones in the floral section (ones with the flat bottoms), number stickers, clear tacky glue, and button magnets.  I cut out scrapbook paper, stick a number to it and glued it to the stone, and finally glued to the magnet.  I can't wait to put them on my board on Monday!

I got so excited doing it that I made one for the fridge of my daughter and niece!!!  I plan on making some more....may even be some Christmas gifts!!!